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Welcome to the Legends of Lore Guild Site.  We are an Adventure Quest Worlds Guild Looking for HardCore/Casual AQW Players, It Doesnt Matter if Your a Mem Or Non Member, Are You a Legend Of Lore?  Applications are currently open please fill out 1 application below and we will contact you within two weeks.  
NOTICE: If Applications arent up, Or Guild Templates are hidden and You want to join, Please sign up by clicking Register----------->
Leader/Founder: Ryansox
Our Applications are OPEN!!! But they will need to be sent to [email protected] In a TEMPLATE, I Know I know, The Forum Submissions were better, But they had a lot of bugs, Me And Ryansox decided to have them in templates. Please Visit This Link, Or Locate "Guild Templates" In our navigation bar:
If Your a Close friend of True Triton or Ryansox, We Might give you a All-Time Legends of Lore Guild Pass, Meaning you can join anytime, They expire 3 months after given. Also we will have contests in 2013 To have a chance to join.
by Ryansox over a year ago
by Ryansox over a year ago